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Religious Studies

Religious Studies

How long is the course?

The course is an A Level course and will last for 2 years.

Who is the course for?

The course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in discussing and considering ‘ultimate questions’ such as ‘How did we get here?’ ‘Does God exist?’

How will I be assessed?

This course is 100% examination based and will be assessed by 4 examinations. Two sat in Year 12 and two in Year 13.

What could I do after the course?

Further study in Religious Studies, Philosophy or Theology. It will also prepare you with the skills necessary to study any Humanities/Social Science course at University. This course is particularly suitable for people who wish to enter into careers working with people such as youth workers, social workers, teachers and police officers.

What else do I need to know?

Religious Studies is one of Britain’s fastest growing A Levels. There has been a 47.3% increase in pupils taking the subject at A Level in the past 5 years. This rise could be down to a desire to prepare to live in a multi-cultural world. While relevant to everyone, Religious Studies is also considered to be an academic subject (like Philosophy, a closely related subject), welcomed by top universities. For example, one college in the University of Cambridge puts it on its 'A list' of A Levels that it will consider for admission, alongside subjects such as History, English or foreign languages. The same university's website says: "Religious Studies is an academic subject, approached with critical thinking, logical argument and a sense of its significance." Religious studies will help develop many skills such as empathy, communication analysis and evaluation. These skills will be needed in further academic study at university or in the work place. Many people also like to consider ultimate questions such as ‘how do we get here?’ ‘Is it possible for a God to exist?’ Religious Studies will help you to consider all of these questions.

What will I be studying?

Students will be following a syllabus set out by AQA.

Students will study ‘Ethics’ which is a discipline which examines morality and how we make decisions to develop our sense of what is considered to be ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ Students will also study ‘Philosophy of Religion.’ Students will investigate near death experiences and other religious encounters and assess how they contribute to our understanding of religion. Students will also investigate the link between psychology and religion and why atheism has become so prevalent in modern society.

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