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Media Studies

Media Studies

How long is the course?

AS- 1 year A Level- 2 years

How will I be assessed?

AS- 50% practical coursework and 50% 2 hour written exam (worth 50% of A Level) A2- 25% practical coursework and 25% 2 hour written exam

What could I do after the course?

Careers within Media Studying Media at University

What will I be studying?

At AS, candidates investigate the media in order to understand and evaluate how meanings and responses are created. Unit 1 and Unit 2 provide an integrated and complementary introduction to the study of the media and the contemporary media landscape. The content of both units is underpinned by a set of key media concepts and media platforms eg:
Media Concepts
Media Forms, Media Representations, Media Institutions and Media Audiences
Media Platforms
Broadcasting, Digital/web-based media (e-media) and Print

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