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GCSE Mathematics

GCSE Mathematics

How long is the course?

1 year full time.

Who is the course for?

Students who did not get a grade C in their GCSE exams from summer year 11 or pupils who wish to improve on their grade C.

How will I be assessed?

There are several assessment through the year. These include: December and March (Mocks) and the final exam in the summer of 2015. This comprises two series of exams consisting of two written papers: 1 calculator and 1 non-calculator paper.

What could I do after the course?

Many Higher or Further Education courses require a C grade or above in Mathematics at GCSE. A grade B or higher is required to study AS Level Mathematics.

What else do I need to know?

GCSE retakes complete the Edexcel Specification A Mathematics course. There is an opportunity to take the examination early in November for students who were only a few marks away from achieving a C grade.

What will I be studying?

The course teaches students skills, provides knowledge and promotes understanding of Mathematics through four key elements: A01: Using and applying which includes problem solving, communicating and reasoning. A02: Number and Algebra which includes numbers and the numbers system, equations, formulae and identities. A03: Shape, space and measure which includes transformations, geometry and trigonometry. A04: Handling Data which includes collecting, processing, representing and interpreting data. Assessment Objective A01 is assessed in contexts provided by the other assessment objectives.

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