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The Election

The Election

On the 8th June students at Strood Academy voted in a mock election. During form time since the announcement of the snap general election students had been exploring the policies of the various different parties standing within the constituency of Rochester and Strood. Students debated a variety of issues in PSHE from funding of education to management of the NHS and social care.

Students turned out to vote in force, effectively participating in the democratic process to ensure their voices were heard. It appears that issues such as further funding to schools as well as free tuition fees really resonated with students.

Labour gained the highest number of votes within the school with 54% of the vote share, closely followed by the Conservative party who received 32% of the vote share. In the Sixth Form there was a similar result with Labour receiving the highest number of votes, followed by the Conservatives and UKIP.

There has been a clear trend across the country with young people being engaged by the policies that the Labour party have put to the forefront, and Strood Academy students seem to have followed this national trend.

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