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Strood vs Hoo

The Year 7 Basketball Team made the short trip up the hill to Hundred of Hoo School for a Medway Schools League Fixture.

The game started off extremely cagey, with both sides given away possession too easily, although neither side could take advantage of some clear openings.

As time went on Strood started to gain more confidence, and were retaining possession of the ball much better, although they were still struggling to put a point onto the board.

At around five minutes into the first quarter Strood finally made the breakthrough thanks to some quick interplay. Hundred of Hoo responded well to this and started to create more opportunities themselves due to increased possession of the basketball in the Strood half.

With 8 minutes on the clock Hundred of Hoo levelled thanks to some good interplay and poor marking from the Strood defence, they responded well to this setback however and registered two further baskets of their own to head into the first break in play 6-2 ahead.

The second quarter started similar to the first with both teams guilty of giving the ball away cheaply, and once again despite numerous openings for both teams, both were struggling to find accurate shooting skills. Strood however were first to register points in the second quarter due to some poor defending by the Hoo team, allowing Strood to rebound twice, with the second rebound leading to an easy basket.

Strood were now growing in confidence and were passing and moving with speed that Hoo couldn’t handle, this led to a further 6 points before the mid-point of the game, with Hoo only managing four in return, this meant at the halfway point the score was 14-6.

The two quarters that followed were extremely different, with Strood controlling the third quarter and adding a further 8 points, and Hoo responding with four of their own. The fourth quarter was all Hoo, yet they couldn’t break through a well-drilled Strood defence who were first to every rebound.

Hoo did however manage to score a further 4 points in the last two minutes of the game as Strood players showed signs of fatigue, yet somehow despite weary legs Strood managed to score two breakaway baskets of their own in order to run out comfortable 26-14 winners.
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