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Sixth Form Transistion Week

Sixth Form Transistion Week

Sixth Form Transition Week – Monday 26 June to Friday 30 June 2017

We invite all students who have applied for Sixth Form, to the Transition Week at Strood Academy. This enables students to experience what is involved in being a member of Sixth Form at the Academy. This Transition Week is compulsory as it allows students to meet one another and gain an insight into the subjects they have chosen for Post 16.

As part of the Transition Week you will:

 Meet your tutors
 Experience lessons in each subject you have applied for
 Get to know other students
 Receive summer tasks
 Have fun!

The Transition Week will include a vital part of the pre-registration process which all students must complete before starting with us in September.

Please note the Academy operates a cashless catering system; therefore if you do not have an ID card, you will not be able to buy lunch from the canteen during the Transition Week and will need to make your own arrangements for lunch. All students will be issued an ID card in September.

The dress code is business dress, as will be expected in September, with all students wearing a suit style blazer. For males this means shirt, tie, trousers and shoes, for females a business like outfit is required. Students who have not yet purchased their suit/blazer yet are welcome to attend in their current school uniform.

Students who have chosen Level 3 Performing Arts will need to bring their PE kit/Dance kit with them on Wednesday 28 June.


During this week, you will be on second break (10:15am – 10:35am) and second lunch (1:15pm – 1:45pm).

These sessions are compulsory; as during these sessions you will be given a summer task related to the subjects you have chosen. The summer tasks are your opportunity to show talent and skill for the subjects you have opted for. Whilst these summer tasks will be assessed by your subject teachers, the SLT team will be presented with the outstanding tasks in order to award prizes in September. These summer tasks can be used in preparation for the Extended Project Qualification which give you additional points for universities and look impressive on your CVs.

It is vitally important that you start your new course in September knowing that you are happy with your choices. Whether you are still in two minds about anything or completely certain, Transition Week is your chance to make sure you have all the information you need.
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