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Recent Charity Work

On 13th December, students from our Sixth Form paid a visit to Medway Hospital to sing Christmas carols for patients, staff and visitors as part of our community engagement work.

The students held a collection as they sung and spread a little bit of Christmas cheer throughout the hospital. The students went into various outpatient areas to cheer up people who were waiting for appointments, they even went onto the labour wards to sing Away in a Manger to some babies that were only a few hours old.

In the afternoon, students went onto the elderly care wards and sung songs for the elderly and spent time cheering up patients; for many of the patients who suffer from dementia, music brings back nostalgic memories of happy times in their lives and many of the elderly patients sung and danced along. We raised an impressive £372.

During December, we have been holding various fund raising initiatives such as cake sales and a Christmas fair, for which a large number of students from different year groups have been helping with the fund raising efforts. Added with what we had already collected at the hospital we raised a grand total of £500.

A week later, a group of students from across the academy visited Medway Hospital again to donate the money that they had collected. The students delivered presents for the elderly that are in hospital over Christmas, tins of sweets for the wards and £100 for each ward to spend on something that would improve patients' lives.

We were not planning to sing when we went to take the money, however many patients and staff requested that we sing again. This was a delightful way to end the term and the students should be proud of all of their hard work.

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