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Netball Fixtures

The year 7 and 10 Strood Academy netball teams have been busy playing fixtures against other schools this term.

The newly formed year 7 team had little time to get to know each other before their first fixture; even still they managed to show a lot of potential in their match play. The year 7 team have played 4 fixtures, with more being organised. Each match has provided different challenges, but the girls have always showed great enthusiasm to the sport and been excellent ambassadors of the school, whilst still learning the rules and finding their favoured positions.

The year 10 team have played 2 fixtures with a large improvement made between the two. Our year 10 team play in the u16 league and therefore tend to play games against mixed year 10/11 teams from other schools. With this extra challenge, the team work hard in their games and are never troubled by playing against older girls. The girls in the team have also been great ambassadors for the school and show great skill and team work both on and off the court.

We are in the process of securing more fixtures for the school teams and hope to get them played at the start of next term. Everyone is welcome to netball club and with more people attending we will become more successful. Netball club is on a Tuesday after school, with fixtures varying on evenings.

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