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Author visit

On Tuesday morning, 16th May, a group of students in year 7 went over to Wilmington Grammar School for Girls, to join pupils from other schools, to meet Neal Zetter. Neal is a London-based comedy performance poet, author and entertainer. He has had a number of his poetry books published including ‘Bees in My Bananas’ and ‘It's Not Fine to Sit on a Porcupine’.

The first poem he recited was ‘Kids love ketchup’ where he listed all the various types of food you could smother in ketchup including crisps, chips, eggs, baked beans and even lollipops. The last line of the verse asked “Do kids love ketchup?” and the students had to shout out “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Amongst the other poems he performed were “My Dad thinks he’s cool”, “I’m a Bee” and “My Dad can't rap”.

During some of his poems we were asked to be quiet, but in others, such as “The World's Worst Toilet”, we had to join in with the chorus “Don't go there!” which occurred at the end of each line; Neal told us of all the problems he encountered in a school toilet that he had once used including a crack in the bowl, no toilet paper and shattered tiles on the floor. It was during his performance of the poem “I’m sorry” that we had to participate more quietly by putting our hand up if we admitted to something we’d done, that was mentioned in the verses such as spilling my drink, scratching your car, flicking popcorn in the cinema and even kicking the cat!

After he had answered a number of questions about how he started writing poems and what were his influences, there was the opportunity to meet Neal in the school’s library, where he talked to the students and signed copies of his books, which they were able to purchase.

(photographs kindly supplied by WGSG)
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