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Parents Welcome

Parents Welcome

We believe that working with students' families is vital and hope that the information on this page is helpful to the parents and carers of our students.

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Medway's Local Offer: Here you can find all the services you need to support children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (known as 'SEND').

If you need to get in touch regarding homework, please use the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) email address

We are committed to achieving the Leading Parent Partnership Award. The purpose of this award is to help focus the academy’s work with parents, families and the wider community. For more information on this please click HERE and HERE.

Feedback on the findings of the LPPA working party

In the last 16 months the Academy has been working to achieve the nationally recognised award of the Leading Parent Partnership. This has been invaluable in helping the academy to focus on finding ways to improve our working partnership with parents. On Friday 27th February an LPPA assessor will meet with staff, parents, students and governors to decide whether we have met the 10 criteria for us to achieve this award. Whatever the outcome the Academy are committed to seeking the views of parents and students about all aspects of school life to ensure we achieve the best educational outcomes for all.

Briefly the following are some of the actions the Academy have taken for each objective as a result of the participating in the LPPA award.

The school is a welcoming, communicative and friendly place for parents.
• Signage for parent events has been extensively upgraded which includes new maps and pull up posters.
• The reception now has a designated parent electronic screen that is updated weekly.
• The website has been redesigned in consultation with parents.
• The Academy has created a parent portal specific to each family.
• The Academy continues to explore the use of facebook and twitter for notices regarding sporting events.
The school promotes the awareness and participation of all groups of parents in supporting their children’s learning and developing their own learning.
• Adult GCSE English and Mathematics courses were run by Academy staff.
• After consultation with parents specific parent classes were run on a variety of topics in terms 3 and 4-further courses are being run in terms 5 and 6.
• Due to the numbers attending and the positive feedback received the Academy will be expanding these courses over the following year
• To support the attendance of parents at these events the Academy is investigating the possibility of arranging on-site child care for select events.
The school holds and actively promotes enrichment opportunities and events for joint parent and child participation.
• The number of joint parent and child activities continues to grow and have included the following: the community day; annual prize giving; sports presentation; dance productions; talent evenings; support your child’s learning evenings; mathematic quizzes; performing art shows; parent invitations to visiting drama productions and art exhibitions plus many more.
• The Academy would like expand this area of parent participation in the coming years and will consider consult parents on ways they would like to jointly celebrate the success of students.
The school provides a good induction for all new parents.
• The popularity of the Academy with parents has meant that we have been oversubscribed for a number of years but we do not rest on our laurels and continue to seek ways to ensure that induction is meaningful and smooth for all new student and parents.
• Our most recent feedback on induction has been extremely positive but one area of change we have identified for next year is that all new parents will have an initial individual meeting with a member of senior leadership team, to discuss how the school and parents will work together to ensure children are safe, happy and prosperous whilst at the Academy.
The school provides parents with relevant and user-friendly guidance and information to help them support their children’s learning.
• In a fast changing world the Academy will seek to keep parents up to date on the very latest information on not only educational developments but health, careers and local resources via the website. These have been developed further over the course of the LPPA.
• The parent portal has been refined to include information about student timetables, homework, the daily calendar, attendance lesson by lesson, school clubs and meals eaten by students.
• The Parent Forum agreed that the parent portal should replace the existing student diaries that were rarely used by students for homework and often lost-the success of this will be reviewed at the end of this year.
• Curriculum guidance will be updated as the latest government guidance is released.
The school produces and implements parent-friendly policies to establish effective home-school links and improve children’s attendance, punctuality, behaviour, progress and positive participation in school.
• The Academy has undertaken to review a series of policies in consultation with parents. The first of these was the homework policy as this was raised as being of most concern in the 2013 parent survey.
• The next policy that will be reviewed is the bullying policy beginning in term 5.
• The home-school agreement will also be reviewed this academic year.
• In all surveys conducted the overwhelming majority of parents have stressed that they like the Academy’s desire to uphold high standards of uniform and behaviour. Consequently the Academy will continually remind parents and students of its expectations in regard to these important rules
• We are now actively seeking parent volunteers to help in projects such as garden club.
The school provides good support for all parents as their children leave the school.
• The Academy are committed to students achieving the best possible outcomes in the next steps of their education or careers and have developed the following to support parents and students:
• The Big Event is unique within all secondary schools in Medway in the significant number of further education and employers who attend to give advice to parents. The seminars on a variety of topics will continue to be developed.
• The Academy has signed an agreement to work with Canterbury Christchurch University team to raise aspirations of students to study at further education.

Parent Forum 2014-15
Please click HERE to read the results of the December survey.

Parent Forum Sessions 2013-14
The parent Forum is open to all parents at Strood Academy. It takes place one evening every term with over 40 parents attending at least one of these sessions last year. It is chaired by Mr Daly (vice principal) but other speakers have included Miss Greenleaf (parent governor) Mr Mead (governor) and Miss Brooker (senior leader).The topics that were discussed included:

  • Role of the Governor

  • LPPA

  • Parent Survey findings

  • Memory Skills with Miss Brooker

  • Review of the Academy Homework Policy

  • Parent Portal

Review of Homework
As a result of the concerns expressed by parents in this forum the Academy changed its homework policy for 2014-2015. Over three terms the Parent Forum met to review the Academy’s homework policy. A parent survey on this issue received over 250 responses.

Parents said

  • Homework was not set consistently by all staff

  • The parent portal needed to be modified to allow only staff to confirm homework had been completed

  • Paper copies of all homework tasks should be to given students as well as electronic files on the portal

  • Students and parent should receive regular teacher feedback on completed homework tasks

  • More advice and guidance sessions would help parents to support their children with homework

Similarly a student survey of year 7s has indicated that they would overwhelmingly prefer all homework tasks to be set on the portal rather than in planners.

The Academy has agreed to:

  • Set all homework according to a timetable that will be published during the first week of the new academic year

  • Set all homework on the portal and therefore students will not use planners

  • All subjects will issue students with a printed homework booklet at the beginning of each term

  • Electronic copies of these booklets will be available on the portal

  • Teachers will explain all tasks in lesson time and set the date due on the portal

  • All homework tasks will be assessed through a mixture of teacher, peer and self-assessment.

  • Marked homework booklets will be returned to students who will collate them and bring them to parent consultation evenings

  • The Academy will provide regular opportunities for parents to seek advice on how to use the portal and how to support students with homework

  • Students will be rewarded through the Academy’s reward system for excellent homework

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