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Examination Guidance

Examination Guidance

This page is designed to give students and parents all the information they need regarding examinations:

Students and staff work hard to prepare for the examinations, as always we are proud of students' efforts. We do realise that for many students this can be a stressful and worrying time and would encourage any student who is concerned to get in touch with their subject teacher or form tutor sooner rather than later for advice and support.

Good preparation is key to success and helping organise this is a very practical way in which parents can be supportive.

Please check the portal (student or parental login) to see which examinations a student has been entered for and when they are.

Summer 2017 Exams Timetable

JCQ - Information for candidates - written exams
JCQ - Information for candidates - onscreen tests
JCQ - Information for candidates CA.1617
JCQ - Warning to Candidates 1617
JCQ - No Mobile Phones Poster 1617

Exam Guidance for Students and Parents 1617

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