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Attendance is Achievement!

Strood Academy’s target is for all students to be attending school as much as possible, with the aim of no student’s attendance being less than 97%.

Recent research has shown:

  • Pupils with no absence are 1.5 times more likely to achieve 5+ GCSEs A*-C or equivalent and 2.8 times more likely to achieve 5+ GCSEs A*-C or equivalent including English and mathematics.

  • The difference in achievement is also evident with the English Baccalaureate, where pupils with no absence are around 10.2 times more likely to achieve the English Baccalaureate.

  • The graph below shows a clear decrease in achievement as attendance decreases:


Along with the incentive of academic success, the Academy is also offering a range of rewards to students who are achieving the outstanding accomplishment of weekly 100% attendance. These will include rewards such as:

  • Golden Tickets to the front of the lunch queue for them and a friend

  • A £5 voucher for 100% attendance

  • An end of the week breakfast morning for the form with the highest attendance that week

  • Spot prizes, such as Kindle Fire tablets, that occur throughout the term

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