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Email | Portal | Friday 29 April 2016

Rates of Reaction

7t/Sc3 carry out rates of reaction experiment.

University of Greenwich Visit

On Wednesday the 24th of February, the AS physics class of Apollo Sixth Form had a wonderful opportunity to visit the campus of the University of Greenwich.

Freefall Easter

Jade, one of our 6th form students, has just become one of the few, youngest qualified female skydivers in the UK.

Trampolining success

Trampolining success

Keira-Mae took part in a Regional Group F Trampolining Competition on Sunday 10th April 2016 at Jumpers Rebound Trampolining Centre.

Easter Parenting Session

On 24th March we held an Easter theme parenting session where parents were able to make a lovely flower arrangement for that special weekend and children were able to make Easter treats

Primary School Athletics

As part of the sixth form Level 3 Sports course the students had to organise an event.

Easter Bonnets

Hercules forms took part in an Easter challenge to make the best Easter Bonnet.