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Email | Portal | Monday 02 March 2015 | 3°

PiX Success

Year 11 students have had PiX lessons today, learning about lengths of arcs and areas of sectors (A/A* Grade Maths).

Amazing Photography

Year 12 AS Photography have got off to a great start to their externally set assignment.

Netball Success

On Thursday 12th February 2015, our year 7 Netball team played against Chatham Grammar.

Languages Visit

Forty Year 8 students had a fantastic day trip to Kent University, where they attended several exciting language workshops.

Hercules Love

Hercules decided to spread love and harmony through the Academy by offering students to send messages and a sweet token to their friends and anyone who they may have a small ‘crush’ on for Valentines Day.

Sport Report February 2015

It has been a very busy term for the PE Department with many exciting trips and competitions taking place for our students.

Bath Bombs

In Science Club on Thursday 12th February we made our own 'bath bombs'.