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Email | Portal | Saturday 20 December 2014 | 7°

Induction Show 2014

On Wednesday 17 December our 6th form Performing Arts students put on a fantastic evening of entertainment.

Solving Equations with Tangrams

Mrs Crosdale’s year 8 pupils were consolidating their learning on solving multi-step equations.

Futsal Tournament

Medway Schools Games Futsal Tournament - Strood Academy put in brilliant performance

A Christmas Carol

On the 9th December, Tiny Giants Theatre Company came all the way from Liverpool to give a performance of A Christmas Carol to a selection of our Year 9 Students.

An Expanding Lesson

Mr Hancock's Physics class were investigating the link between temperature and volume.

Edward Scissor Hands

On Tuesday 9th December the year 12 and 13 A level dance and BTEC performing arts students went to see Edward Scissor hands at Sadler's Wells theatre in London.

A Sweet Probability

What is the best way to learn about probability on a Friday afternoon?.......Use sweets!