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Email | Portal | Saturday 01 October 2016

Football Term 1

The students at Strood Academy have already made a strong start to the year on the pitch.

Health and Fitness

Year 12 Level 2 Health and Fitness students took to the Strood Academy kitchens to demonstrate their knowledge of balanced diets.

Python Programming

Python Programming

Bringing in technology into the classroom

Blue Peter Sports Badge

This year Blue Peter awarded people with a special Team GB Sports Badge that proudly recognises young sports enthusiasts who are ambassadors for their sport.

Excellent Opportunity for Strood Academy

Excellent Opportunity for Strood Academy

Proposed partnership between Strood Academy and Leigh Academies Trust

New caterers at Strood Academy

Catering Academy is delighted to be providing catering services at Strood Academy from September 2016.

Excellent Exam Results

Students in Year 11 and at Sixth form at Strood Academy are celebrating exam success this summer.